Workroom Central Contests

IWCE 2020’s Workroom Central Zone contests have now come to a close.

Pillow Contest

We are done excepting entries for our Pillow Contest and want to thank all the fantastic designers who have participated!

The pillows will be on display during the show. Our judges will select the first, second and third-place winners. Conference attendees as well as the live audience will have the opportunity to choose their favorite pillow with our online poll. The pillows will be raffled off 1 Ticket for $10 and 3 Tickets for $15, purchase your tickets at the registration counter with the proceeds going to A Child’s Place our designated local charity.

Artisan and Design to Install Project

Congratulations to Our Winners!

Artisan Winners:

Kelli Rouse from Olympia, WA

Heather Taylor from Burlington, CT

Karly Ledet Dickson from Houma, Louisiana

Design to Install Winner:

Addie FitzSimmonds Conte from Lothian, MD