Stage Presentations

Don’t miss out on IWCE 2020’s prestigious stage presentations that will be taking place for FREE on the exhibit hall floor!

Presentation Schedule

10:30am-11:30am: Take Your Home-Based Buisness to $250,000

Join Susan Day and Karen Essary to discover how they took their home-based window covering business from $50,000/year to well over $250,000. You will learn how to grow your business systematically by focused, consistent marketing, following a proven selling system, when to hire help and expertise and achieve a close rate of over 80%. Learn from the pros that made this happen and are now enjoying a lucrative business.

11:30am-12:30pm: Meet the Influencers Panel

This year, for the first time, Window Fashion VISION magazine named eight top Window Fashion Influencers for 2020. Come meet five of those influencers–Sharon Falcher, Rosemarie Garner, Sherica Maynard, Jill Rodgers and Claudia Clobes Yudis–and ask them anything you want! How do you become a design influencer? How do they use digital marketing tools to successfully market their business? How do you keep an audience engaged? What trends do they see in the industry right now? We’ll take your questions on these topics and more.

1:30pm-2:30pm: What Will and Will Not Work in 2020 For Getting More Leads

It’s common knowledge that many window covering business owners are still struggling to understand internet marketing and how to leverage its possibilities. Welton Hong breaks down the fundamentals of online marketing and why certain techniques work better than others, depending on what you want to accomplish. Need to drive more warm leads? Search optimization and pay-per-click advertising work wonders. For branding and engagement, social media is quite effective. For both, you need a website that converts well, a pristine online reputation (driven by review quality and quantity), compatibility with mobile devices and plenty of high-grade content. You also need to be prepared to adjust your plans in tandem with the dynamic nature of online marketing. Window covering companies that stay up to date with the changes (and act on them) have a huge advantage in their local markets.

10:30am-11:30am: Leveraging Technology to Generate and Convert More Leads to Sales in the Home Without a Lot of Expense or Labor Costs!

This panel is presented by Socius Marketing, MarketSharp and Solatech. The Technology Leaders for the Window Fashion Professional.

Everyone has a website, but is yours generating in-bound leads for you on a regular basis? If it was, could you spend more time selling? Once you have a lead, how often are you “in front of them” before and after they are a client? Every business should “touch” a lead or client regularly to drive more sales and referrals. If you could accurately quote and close a client with less effort in the home and have all your vendor PO’s placed automatically and also have your QuickBooks integrated, how much time would you save and how much more money could you make?

Key Takeaways:

1. How to use SEO to increase site traffic and drive more leads.

2. Learn what key pages on your website will have the biggest impact and why.

3. How to manage your marketing plans and create campaigns to convert leads into clients.

4. The role your CRM plays in the lead conversion process.

5. How to manage your business and your schedule more effectively.

6. Learn to streamline and simplify the @Home or storefront selling experience to increase closing ratio & margins.

7. Why it’s better to spend time marketing & “selling” instead of the back-office work of ordering and accounting.

1:00pm-1:45pm: The Four Stages in a Successful Social Media Cycle and How to Implement Them

The usefulness of social media remains a mystery to many window covering companies, and that’s understandable: A window covering company certainly is a very different type of business than a retailer or a restaurant, for example, and it should not be promoted the same way. But here’s the truth: Social media definitely can be a big asset for a window covering company. It just needs to be implemented the right way. A properly executed social media campaign greatly benefits sales. Welton Hong covers the basics of social media and explains the four aspects of the social success cycle: social listening, social influencing, social networking, and social selling. Every initiative has a specific goal, but they all work together to drive revenue for your window covering company.

2:00pm-3:00pm: Best Ideas from IWCE 2020

Stay tuned after the presentation for Workroom Zone Central to announce this year’s  pillow contest winners!

Window Fashion VISION magazine’s top Window Fashion Influencers for 2020 join editor-in-chief Sophia Bennett to wrap up IWCE in style. Sharon Falcher, Rosemarie Garner, Sherica Maynard, Jill Rodgers and Claudia Clobes Yudis will discuss the hot products they spotted at the show and their thoughts about where the industry is headed in the next year. Influencer LuAnn Nigara will also moderate a discussion about how put all of the great ideas gathered at IWCE into action when you get back home.