JoAnne Lenart-Weary

The JLW Company

JoAnne Lenart-Weary is a professional interior decorator, and a color authority and staging expert. As a 40-plus-year industry veteran, she has had the pleasure of creating beautiful rooms in 29 states and three countries. This experience has led to appearances on HGTV, WJET-TV ABC, “Good Morning Atlanta” and other regional TV stations. In 1999, JoAnne founded what is now called The Decorating and Staging Academy and has taught thousands of professional and DIY decorators and stagers around the country. She is a frequent speaker for groups like IWCE, RESA, IDS, WCAA, the former CHF Academy and more. She is also the creator of many industry tools such as the Confident Consultation, Decorating in the Zone, the Confident Color System, the DIY series and DIY-Decorate It Yourself. JoAnne believes in arming you with practical information that helps you do your job more efficiently with a profit-driven mindset.