Window Treatments De-Mystified: What Every Designer Needs to Know to Specify a Project with Confidence

This class is geared toward the beginning designer. This 1 CEU course will walk interior designers through seven main pillars of understanding, designing and specifying custom window treatments. Window treatments are a highly impactful and profitable component of any design project, but they are often feared, and therefore avoided, because it’s confusing, complex and financially consequential, if done wrong. Vita Vygovska, CWFP, MBA and CEO of Vitalia, Inc. – Window Treatments for Interior Designers, will break down the overwhelming world of soft window treatments into digestible pieces, expressing them in understandable terms. Designers will learn proper lingo and keywords, main technical aspects, mistakes to avoid, effective workroom relationship techniques, how to manage the process and much more. The goal is that, after this session, the designer can comfortably speak to the client, confidently work with their window treatment specialist, lose the fear of custom window treatments and, most importantly, feel assured in that the client and project are getting the most complete and competent design service. This course is perfect for a novice interior designer, looking to start specifying custom window treatments or continue to do so with increased confidence.