From traditional business-development tactics like networking, sponsoring events, joining leads groups to newer techniques like social selling, social media ads and through leadership, there are many ways to generate leads or prospects to fill your pipeline. While many of the traditional methods and newer techniques work, one tried-and-true method is consistently overlooked.

The reason generating referrals from clients and COIs (Centers of Influence) is typically overlooked is because of old-school advice we have believed for years. Either we have been taught referrals are random, sporadic, something that you cannot control or we have been taught the only way to control them is to ask for them. But what if there was another way? What if you didn’t have to ask?

Learning Outcomes:

  • What a referral is and what it is not
  • Where referrals fit in your overall sales strategy
  • Why asking for referrals doesn’t work and what DOES work
  • The 3 MUSTS to start generating referrals immediately