How to Hire and Retain High-Powered Employees

Let’s be honest: Hiring can be grueling.

Especially when you’re faced with doing it over and over and over again because people keep leaving your business.

Employee turnover is exhausting for you, your staff, even your clients. It takes up valuable time, delays important work, shifts your focus away from the rest of your business.

Let me share a hint about keeping your people once you’ve hired them (one that I’ll cover in more depth at the International Window Coverings Expo, March 8 to 10 in Nashville).

When you take the time to break down the magic of what you do into simple, easy-to-follow steps and document them (or you work with an organization that helps you do that), you’re opening the door for your employees to repeat your success by following your example.  

Systemizing—settling on a repeatable process that’s proven to deliver the results you want—actually gives your people the freedom they need to succeed.

While a great manager leads by example, your processes or systems allow you to be clear about what you expect from your staff, and what they can expect from you. They give employees a definition of success. And success suddenly becomes attainable!

Management is a two-way street. There’s an agreement between the manager and the person being managed. So when you have a great hire who’s starting to underperform, take a step back and see it for what it really is—a big red flag.

More often than not, underperformance indicates that you are failing your employee in your approach or lackluster processes.

We’ve all had some version of those poor management experiences in the past. Early in my career I started a new position excited, inspired and ready to go. I’m typically a high-potential, high-powered go-getter. But my role kept shifting under my feet. Expectations weren’t clear. I wasn’t able to read the minds of my multiple supervisors, there were no defined systems in place and I received no real guidance. I always felt like I was being hung out to dry and left that position far sooner than my boss would have liked.

Think about it! Even a rock star can’t perform without music, instruments and a band backing them up. Key systems and processes have to be clear: here’s the stage, here’s the set list, here’s your backup band and your stadium full of people. Now, go be a rock star!

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Madeleine MacRae is the CEO, founder and chief innovator at MM MacRae, a national learning, coaching and consulting firm focused on the development and growth of people and companies serving the home professionals industry. Madeleine has more than 13 years of firsthand experience at the tables of some of the best businesses in the industry–from huge to tiny, corporate to family-run, manufacturer to retail dealer. Not only does she know what it really takes to be at the top of your game, she teaches her clients exactly how to do it! Join Madeleine at the International Window Coverings Expo for the workshops Hiring Simplified and Making More Money with Existing Leads.


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